You can be good and do good.

At Atticus, our business is built on three foundations:

  1. Quality
  2. Team
  3. Community


The quality of our work and the service we provide our clients is the main factor that drives our team. We deliver top tier skills and talent in a small firm environment that encourages our people to strive for technical excellence in whichever area they practice.

But it isn’t enough to be a great lawyer, you also have to be a great businessperson. We understand more than just the law, and make it our business to give commercially savvy and intelligent legal advice that is results focused.


Our team is our most valuable asset.

Our hiring strategy is pretty simple. We only employ people who are:

  1. curious;
  2. sharp;
  3. personable; and
  4. driven.

We hand pick our talent, so we need to make sure they’re happy. We take our work, not ourselves, seriously.

Our philosophy on staff engagement is simple: We want to abolish Mondayitis.

We provide interesting work, opportunities for career and personal growth, and a non-judgmental work environment that encourages collaboration, excellence, and most importantly, personality, so we get the best out of our people.


Alex’s attitude towards our business is that we have the ability to make a positive difference to people’s lives if we choose to use our powers for good, not evil.

We consider it our responsibility to support and provide opportunities to those in our communities who haven’t been given the opportunities we have.

In partnership with White Lion, we employ two ‘at risk’ young people each year to provide them with a stable work environment, financial independence and their very own team of cheerleaders to help them work out who they want to be and what they want to do.

We work with pro bono clients to assist them to understand, assert and/or exercise their legal rights, and we engage in law reform activities and community legal education as much as possible.


Our Policies

Office supplies

Every office needs supplies. Those supplies cost money. If we’re going to buy them anyway, why don’t we buy products that have a positive social and/or environmental impact?

Well, we do. Our toilet paper helps build toilets, our hand wash provides communities with clean water, and our paper products are environmentally friendly. If there’s a way to give back while stocking the supplies cupboard, we’ll do it.

Mental Health

We can all get a little down and stressed sometimes. Fact.

We think it’s important to sleep in some days, or to leave early and do something non-work related to reset and recharge.

All of our full-time lawyers get half a day off a fortnight to do with whatever they choose.

None of us work on our birthdays, and if it’s sunny on a Friday and we’re on top of our work, we might pop to the pub before happy hour finishes.

Aligning our Work with our Values

We have a pretty clear idea about who we are as a business, and the things we believe in.

Integrity, courage, enthusiasm, empathy, doing the right thing, asking questions, and always challenging the status quo.

We won’t take on new matters if they don’t align with our values.

Using Your Brain

Use it or lose it.

Because we’re all curious by nature, Atticus encourages our people to keep learning and to think creatively and outside the box.

Our curiosity extends (and probably begins) outside the practice of law. At our weekly team meetings, everybody is expected to share a fun fact or piece of trivia, and our ongoing discussions range from everyday issues, to philosophy, art, science and pretty much anything we can think of that sparks debate.

Nothing frustrates us more than a question without an answer.